Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Early Evening On Milton Common

Apple blossom and May flowers.
A fox sat still in the evening sun staring.
Buttercups and boats sailing.

Something about the clouds... and childhood.  Mine.
Laying in the summer grass near a round wood.

And my mum, knowing the names of everything.
Clouds, birds, flowers...

Enough blue sky to make sailors trousers forever.
Or so I thought.

Somewhere tonight my Dad is walking amongst bluebells
and I was too busy to go with him.

Everyone I pass is hand in hand
and the birds are flying together, home.

Mind insistently settles on everything that has gone wrong.

...When a little dog tears through my thoughts
Scattering them into a million fragments of now
each one exclaiming Look! We are alive! Catch me!
This here is all there is
And all there ever was...

It’s enough.


  1. You are a rare and beautiful soul xxx I wish for your sorrow to drift away like a leaf upon a stream.... this two shall pass our grandmothers would say... bringing it back to the present moment.... remembering who we are and why we are here... and letting go of all the fear..... and just deal with right here... right now... and for this moment... we are blessed.... and dearly loved... always....

    Love you with all my heart xxxx

    1. Oh... thank you Jezawix! Your words are beautiful, kind and touching. When I am feeling lonely or deeply sad it's so important to remember the amazing connections we can make when we reach out and share. Thank you for reminding me, LOVE xxx