Wednesday, 19 February 2014

For Paul xxx

                                              A walk along the beach, company of gulls and crows,
                                              waves crashing after winds, strong ebbs and flows.
                                              Sea sucking pebbles fast away from my hand
                                              as I collect bright stones to write your name on the sand.

                                            People told me you liked walking the shoreline here,
                                            I walk for an hour, imagining you, turn back at the pier.
                                            Wishing we could meet now and wipe the years clean,
                                            make the horror of you leaving, to never have been.


                                           A painted row of beach huts, such a pretty postcard view,
                                           yet they look out on the tide that carried in the mystery of you.
                                           This sacred beach is full of beauty, love fills every shell,
                                           each stone a heart which beats remembrance of you, be well.


I don't know how it's been five years! Your little seven year old nephew is now nearly a teenager. He can play your guitar, he can write html, hack into my accounts and I reckon he could almost better you in the computer geek stakes! In case you don't know, his favourite song at the moment is 'The World Spins Madly On' and he's been playing guitar and singing it all day. It's been spinning in my head as I've been thinking of you, so here it is in our favourite music video made of it - an awesome drawn animation of over 20,000 frames. It's very sad so it's fitting for tonight.

I think of you and where you've gone and the world spins madly on.

You left way too soon and we will never stop missing you.