Monday, 3 June 2013

Stop The Badger Cull! Now!

On Saturday, I joined several thousand people in London marching against the badger cull which is planned to start any night now.

We can still stop the killing!

* Sign the petition:

* Contact your MP: This week on Wed 6th June,there is a full Parliamentary debate and vote on the cull. Please urge your MP to vote against the cull.

* Keep informed of the campaign:

* Support or join the non-violent direct action to sabotage the cull once it begins. Here are details of local groups who can help to put you in touch with activists:

* Use social media. There are plenty of Facebook groups to find out about actions and campaign developments - just search 'badger cull'. On Twitter, every Monday 11am-1pm voice your opposition to the cull using the hashtag #badgermonday. Every Tuesday is #PetitionTuesday to publicise the e-petition (share the petition link above)

* Join the next march or action!

* Donate money to the campaign or the saboteurs.

There are lots of different ways we can all participate and coming at it from every angle helps. Together we can make this cull unworkable and unaffordable. Save the badgers!

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