Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Quick, Don't Blink! A Spring Day!

It's been feeling so much like Winter again recently that when I saw the sun outside this morning there was a sense of urgency to get out in it as quickly as possible, in case it decided to snow or do something really grim again before I could get my boots on. So I hurried my son off the computer, got the dog lead and camera and we were OUT!

Probably the most beautiful place really nearby is the coast walk alongside Milton Common. Last time we came here my son got stuck in the mud and it led to a 999 call and a chat with the coastguard. It had all ended happily (eventually!) without the need for anyone to come out but it did mean losing his boot out there in the mud somewhere. The tide was out this morning and it looked so tempting to just go out and see if we could find it but NO WAY am I going to let those deceptive mudflats trick us again!

I played with my camera and took some pics using minimal colour which perhaps ironically undermined the warm Spring light and bright colours of the day! What was I thinking of? That could be snow and ice on the path! But in another way they emphasise certain details which I like such as the blue sky, the yellow lichen or daffodils, my son and the texture of wood.

This is my favourite wrecked boat - every time I see it, I see a big whale tail and then a whale skeleton below. It begs to be sketched or photographed.

There were long deep shadows and my son never misses an opportunity to give me bunny ears, though they came out really tiny. After all these shots of grey my son began objecting and implored that we give the day back its full vibrant colours of life. So here we are again with Pip and the daffodils, saying YES, IT'S SPRING! We don't care that the weather forecast for the rest of the week is heavy rain, today the sun was beautiful and we embraced it. 

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