Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Letting Go At Lammas, For A Richer Harvest To Come

After an incredible few days away at Dragonrise Witchcamp, it was suddenly just me and my dog alone in the woods back home, carrying on the work which had begun.

I build a fire with my voice,

flames dancing inside my body.

For courage and life.

Every step along the oak trail

path of ancient steadfast friends,

tears falling,

my will grows stronger.

The forest opens to me with offerings

as if it knows better than myself

the work I came here to do.

Every leaf whispers 'it is time'.

Every step deeper into the forest

whispers a louder goodbye.




And finally, it is real.

Cailleach kneels beside me,

passing me acorns from a fallen oak.

For the closure of a relationship that seeded 20 yrs before it fell.

Goodbye to it's sadness.

Goodbye to it's pain.

Goodbye to it's anger.

Goodbye to it's hate.

Goodbye to it's grieving.

Goodbye to it's hurt from untrue stories told.

Goodbye to it's sex and love, which made a child, which made a world.

Dropping it all into the earth,

a burial for a rich compost.

Sealed securely closed.

Cailleach passes me seven fresh green oak leaves:

Come renewal.

Come acceptance.

Come transformation.

Come honouring.

Come healing.

Come truth.

Come sex and love, whole to myself.

Later, I go to a house, carrying flowers.

To lay down the burden I have been holding on to,

by turning it into the gift

genuinely and graciously given.

Finding the beauty in the discomfort.

Releasing myself.

Renewing my heart.

Ready for what is to come.


This would not have happened without the wonderful and life changing experience that was Dragonrise Witchcamp

So much of the inspiration and strength came from the camp story of Cailleach and from the teachers during pathwork, for example the practice of 'finding beauty in discomfort'.

Sustaining and empowering songs which are very actively helping the process are from a CD sung by the truly amazing Peti Songcatcher, available here

In particular I feel so much love and gratitude to my affinity group at camp: Woody, Sass, Eric and Peti. You have all helped me to shift a big block in my life, and I feel so much happier now! Amazing to consider that this time one week ago we had not yet met. We are the land! We are the land! We are the best!

XXX Blessed Be XXX


  1. Many blessings on this new stage of your journey. I love your ilustrations, they are so vibrant and clear!